The 8 Best Wand Scanners for Your Photos, Receipts, Business Cards, & Documents

The 8 Best Wand Scanners for Your Photos, Receipts, Business Cards, & Documents

While flatbed scanners are great, wand scanners just offer more convenience. If you need more of the latter in your life, then you’re on the right page. In this post, we listed the best wand scanners you can purchase online. 

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Best wand scanners today

Can you imagine digitizing paper documents by typing the text? It’s a good thing wand scanners exist today, right? Phew. 

With the help of the best wand scanners, you can scan a page from your books, a document, a photo, a receipt, or a business card. 

And the best thing is that you can sync the scanned files with your smartphone, laptop, or PC right away. 

All that happens in under 10 seconds.  

The best wand scanners will help your old printed photos see the light of day. You can now upload them on social media and make fun of your funky outfits in 2005. 

You can now edit your printed documents or easily store your receipts on a cloud storage service. 

Indeed, wand scanners are essential since our world is not entirely paperless yet.

With that said, the best wand scanners on the web are only a few in number. That’s why, to help you find the best wand scanner, we also included other types of portable scanners in this list. 

Choose which one fits your needs and budget the most: 

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The 8 Best wand scanners:

#1: Brother DS-740D Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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Brother is one of the most highly rated printer brands in the world, and DS-740D doesn’t fail to impress. 

You can count on this scanner for fast and heavy-duty scanning work at the office. It comes with a good management software program for documents and receipts.  

This scanner also comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which means you can edit or search on your scanned documents. It also allows you to convert the files into editable Microsoft Word documents. 

We particularly like how it has Single-pass Duplex scanning, which means you will be scanning both sides of the document simultaneously. This will save you from rescanning the document twice. 

As for syncing your files with a computer, you can use its USB 3.0 cable.

Thanks to its 680g weight and scanning speed of 16 ppm, it’s also good for on-the-go projects,. It also has Brother’s signature Desk Spacing Design (DSD), which means this won’t occupy much space on your work desk or any table. 

For those irresistible features, DS-740D tops our list of the best wand scanners you can buy today.

#2: Fujitsu iX100 ScanSnap Best Wand Scanners 

Best Wand Scanners

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First on our list is the iX100 ScanSnap. It’s a wireless, mobile scanner best fit for busy people. If you’re a student, a professional, or a business owner, you will find this speedy scanner in handy. 

In just 5 seconds, you can scan A4 documents and receipts in Color, Grayscale, or Monochrome. It also has an Automatic mode, where it instantly detects if a file’s hue is color, grayscale, or monochrome. 

iX100 ScanSnap can also scan color and grayscale files in an optical resolution of 600 DPI at the Best setting. This resolution can change depending on the modes: Normal (300 DPI) or Better (400 DPI). 

Speaking of DPI, you might want to read how to change an iPhone photo’s DPI or if iPhone photos are 300 DPI

Meanwhile, if you switch between working spaces a lot, you’ll be happy to know that iX100 ScanSnap weighs only 400g. iX100 functions with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. 

It’s fast, mobile, and can handle multi-page scanning. iX100 ScanSnap is indeed one of the best wand scanners today. 

#3: Doxie Go SE Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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Now, this is one scanner you’d take on a journey to going paperless. Doxie Go SE is mobile, wireless, and rechargeable. But what makes it really stand out is its software program. 

Using USB or WiFi, you can sync the scanned digital files with a Mac computer or PC. You can also upload them directly to your cloud storage services like Gdrive or Dropbox. Plus, it’s equipped with ABBYY OCR technology. 

As for the scanning speed and resolutions, Doxie Go SE can scan full-color 600 DPI files in just 8 seconds. 

With this convenience, you’ll have a faster time digitizing paper files. 

For being reliable, versatile, and fast, Doxie Go SE is one of the best wand scanners you can buy. We suggest you get the unit with a battery sheetfed and WiFi.

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#4: Hollee HandHeld WiFi Photo Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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Hollee’s handheld photo scanner is proof that great things come in tiny packages. It’s either the perfect gift for students or the reliable everyday tool for a budding photographer.

First, this rechargeable photo scanner is fast. It can scan receipts in 3 seconds and 600 DPI documents in 5 seconds. For larger files with higher resolutions like 1050 DPI, it will take 8 seconds. 

Despite having built-in WiFi, you can still sync scanned files with your PC or Mac via USB. It also comes with OCR technology.

Meanwhile, if you need to scan a lot of paperwork at the office, you can rely on its 32GB MicroSD card. It can even read a TransFlash (TF) card if you have one as well. 

This scanner is incredibly tiny and slim. If you have a fast-paced lifestyle, it’s one of the best wand scanners you could order from Amazon.

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#5: ClearClick Photo & Document Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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If you scan large-format photos a lot, you will like this photo and document scanner. ClearClick is no-nonsense, incredibly fast, and functional. 

ClearClick can scan one full-color photo or document in 2 seconds—or 4 seconds if it has a higher resolution. 

You can then sync the scanned files in either PDF or JPG with your PC via the free USB cable. If you have a Mac, you will have to use a microSD card to transfer the files to your computer. 

We also like that it has a mini preview screen, where you can see the file is being scanned in real-time. 

Despite not having a microSD card, a USB wall adapter, and AA batteries, we still think it’s one of the best wand scanners. It just brings convenience and functionality that are worth the price.

If you have a flatbed scanner, this would be a great alternative or reserve unit should your main device breaks down. 

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#6: Brother DS-640 Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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Just like the Brother scanner on our top spot, this mobile scanner also delivers. And, like the previous scanners, it’s fast and highly portable. 

Although the other scanners are smaller and lighter, DS-640 is still lightweight enough to carry in a sling bag or laptop bag. 

You can also scan a lot of files with this scanner in a shorter period. It has a scanning speed of 16 ppm for full-color and B&W files. 

As for storing and syncing the scanned files, you can use the free USB 3.0 cable to transfer them to a PC. You can also use the iPrint&Scan desktop app for free if you want to sync files with cloud storage services. It also has OCR technology. 

It’s worth noting that DS-640 is more affordable than other scanners, yet the quality doesn’t pale in comparison with them. 

For its great value, we think that Brother DS-640 is one of the best wand scanners you can buy now.

#7: Moontie Document Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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We have here an even more affordable mobile scanner. Moontie’s wand scanner is a delight to use, whether you need an additional handy tool for business or for some light archiving. 

This is the lightest scanner on this list, at only 170g. Yet, it can also scan A4 documents in full color or B&W and up to 900 DPI. You can then sync your scanned files with your PC using a free USB 2.0 cable.

Sadly, it doesn’t include two AA batteries and an external memory like a 32GB microSD card, which is the required storage for this device.  

That’s why we recommend this scanner if you need a handy—but not exactly heavy-duty—tool at the office. 

This portable scanner will be reliable for scanning receipts, printed A4 files, business cards, and photos with average resolutions. 

#8: Sosirolo iScan Best Wand Scanners

Best Wand Scanners

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Last but not least, is the understated but highly functional Sosirolo’s iScan. 

iScan may be the most affordable on this list, but its performance is anything but cheap. For its price, it has an impressive scanning speed of 2 seconds for a document. 

It even scans documents with a resolution of up to 900 DPI. 

And even though it doesn’t come with a microSD card, it comes with two free AA batteries. 

This mobile scanner is highly reliable for traveling professionals, students, and businesspeople. 

Being pocket-friendly in more ways than one, it’s definitely one of the best wand scanners you can buy these days.


Whether you’re a busy salesman or a newbie archivist, these best wand scanners won’t let you down. 

Which one of these wand scanners do you find suits you best? Let us know in the comments below!

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Which scanner is best for scanning books?

We highly suggest using the CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner. It weighs only 4.4 pounds and comes with an 18mp Sony camera. You can scan 300-page books in under 10 minutes at 4896×3672 resolution. 

What is the best multi-page scanner?

The Brother ADS-2200 so far is the best multi-page scanner. With a 50-sheet-capacity auto document feeder and 35 ppm, it’s ideal for scanning large volumes of documents.