Top 10 apps similar to Vintage Camera – Dazz App

Top 10 apps similar to Vintage Camera – Dazz App

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10 effective and fast video/photo editing apps for your content needs

Vintage Camera – Dazz on the App is a hit among smartphone photographers and regular users. What’s so special about an app like Vintage Camera? 

Well, they bring the nostalgic vibes of the 70s to 80s in such an accessible way to iPhone users. At the same time, it’s also efficient and fast. 

Now, while Vintage Camera is fabulous, it’s not the only exceptional tool on the block. App Store has plenty of apps for enhancing your videos and photos with gorgeous vintage filters and more. 

Below, we listed those other terrific apps.

10 apps similar to Vintage Camera – Dazz

1. zShot App

zShot video editor pro logo
zShot – a fast and powerful video editor

Requires iOS 10.0 or later

Whether you’re an occasional fun-loving chap or a serious content creator, zShot should be on your app folder. 

Besides being incredibly fast and user-friendly, we also love its variety of editing tools for jazzing up videos. 

zShot app's application page on App store.
zShot app at a glance

You can easily tweak your videos’ canvas ratio, merge clips, change the lighting, and reverse videos on zShot. You can also create more interesting and engaging stories by adding upbeat music, SFX, animated text, and eye-catching vintage filters. 

And if you want to make a mini vintage film? No problem—you can also add subtitles on your videos using zShot for that authentic cinema feel. 

You can immortalize a fun, romantic afternoon at the beach using zShot without the hassle—just fun video-recording and memory-making on an easy-to-use app.

Download the zShot app here.

2. Cut Paste Photos

cut & paste photos pro logo
Cut & Paste Photos Pro

Requires iOS 10.0 or later

Why open Photoshop when you have Cut Paste Photos? You can actually make your life easier and better with Cut Paste. 

With this friendly iPhone app, you can achieve seamless cutouts that you thought you can only create using Photoshop. 

Whether you want to make memes or you need to level up your vintage snapshots for an online collage, you can do it on this tool. 

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cut paste and pro tools on iPhone
Cut & Paste Pro tools

Besides no-fuss cutting, trimming, and rotating, you can also add more flair by adding fun backgrounds. Cut Paste has 40 of them, so you will have fun mixing and matching. 

Still not satisfied? If you want to add more pizzazz, their Pro version allows you to add stickers and emojis—it even lets you remove the ads. 

It’s definitely easier to cut and paste photos on this app, as the name suggests. 

Download Cut Paste Photos here.

3. InShot

inShot app with green install button
InShot – Video Editor

Required iOS 10.0 or later

InShot is another well-beloved app for tweaking and post-processing videos. 

Users especially love its clean timeline feature, where it’s easy to navigate and adjust the videos’ parts and elements. 

You can trim, cut, merge, rotate, and even adjust the speed of your clips here. You can also upload and add your own music or sound effects. It also has a volume control tool if you’re meticulous about scoring. 

If your audience is on Instagram, this is a reliable app. InShot allows you to create Instagram-ready content with its square canvas for videoes. 

Download InShot here.

4. Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize Photo Editor & Grid

Requires iOS 11.0 or later

The popularity of Instagram over the years has spawned editing tools that especially cater to the platform’s requirements. Instasize is one of them—and it’s good at being that type of app. 

While it’s for photo enthusiasts of any age, the look and feel of the app will surely please younger users. However, don’t let its minimal and modern aesthetic fool you—that implies anything but scarcity. 

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You can never get bored with over 80 filters and 50 fonts—you can surely find your kind of vintage aesthetic here. With its comprehensive photo editing and skin-enhancing tools, this app is basically your playground. 

From 80s-themed selfies to landscape photos with an eerie 60s vibe, you can travel to the past much as you like on Instasize.

Download Instasize here. 


VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

iOS 12.0 or later

Another photo-editing app MVP, VSCO has gained so much popularity that it sparked a new sub-culture based on its name. 

VSCO girl refers to a particular aesthetic of girls on TikTok, which includes scrunchies, eco-friendly straws, and Birkenstocks.

Now, VSCO is no different from other editing apps—it has beautiful vintage presets and effects, basic editing tools, and a no-nonsense interface.

However, VSCO is special in two particular ways. 

First, it has an engaged and active creative community of millions of photographers, enthusiasts, and creators. Second, it has an attractive yearly and monthly membership program. 

By paying for premium access, you can enjoy VSCO’s full library of presets and the beautifully haunting vintage Kodak, Fuji, and Agfa filters. You can also use special editing tools like Hue, Saturation, & Lightness (HSL). 

Couple those with good timing (VSCO was launched in 2011) and a continuously evolving editing tool (you can now edit videos in VSCO)—and you get an app so exceptional that it creates trends.

Download VSCO here.

6. iMovie

iMovie app on iPhone

Requires iOS 13.0 or later

Some non-editing folks might gasp, “Wait, iMovie still exists?” Well, yes—in fact, you can edit videos on it in dark mode.   

It’s not surprising how people forget it exists—it has been available on iOS since 2013 devices but Apple only made it free in 2017.  

If you want a free and reliable video-editing tool on your iPhone or iPad, you shouldn’t overlook Apple’s lil ol’ editing app. 

On iMovie, you can create trailers and movies with free trailer templates, themes, transitions, effects, and Hollywood-style background music. Besides presets, you can even create green-screen effects and voice-overs.

And since it’s developed by Apple, you can easily share and transfer videos using iCloud or AirDrop. Therefore, if you’re excited to produce that vintage short film using your iPhone or iPad, iMovie is your editing tool.

Download iMovie here.

7. PicsArt

PicsArt app on iPhone
PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Want a little extra oomph on your vintage photos? You can get PicsArt. 

True to its name, PicsArt is all about the art in photos. What you thought you could only achieve in Photoshop, you can also do it here. 

Besides lovely classic filters, PicsArt offers an array of easy-to-use advanced tools like cloning brushes and double exposure. 

If you’re nitpicky but still want something practical, you can try their one-click editing action called Replay. It allows you to customize preset editing steps by PicsArt and apply it on your new picture. 

You can also sketch on your pictures, add magazine-style text, manipulate your image, create face swaps, and beautify your selfies on PicsArt. Did we mention you can also tweak your videos here? 

Indeed, you can do a lot for a free app like PicsArt. 

Download PicsArt here.

8. Splice Video Editor

Interface of Splice Video Editor on iPhone
Splice Video Editor

Requires iOS 11 or later

If iPhone video creators had makeup kits, Splice would never disappear on those. 

Splice is an essential and well-beloved app because it simplifies something that’s supposed to be complicated. For practical and on-the-move free spirits, that quality is irreplaceable. 

On Splice, you can effortlessly sync a background song with your clips. You can make a scene slow-motion or speed it up for those sick replays and highlights. 

Besides those, you can also turn a slideshow of old photos into a more viewer-friendly presentation—just add title slides, overlays, and an outro. 

You can do those on your iPhone, anytime, anywhere!

If you bought songs on iTunes, you can also upload them to Splice and use them as a background. They also have royalty-free music and a voice-recorder if you just want to narrate. 

Splice is a wonderful video-editing app for fun-loving folks out there.

Download Splice here. 

9. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto app logo on white iPhone
Magisto Video Editor and Maker on iPhone

Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Another fast and versatile app you should have in your toolbelt is Magisto.

 It shines whatever video project you use it for—whether for corporate video presentations, an educational how-to cooking video, or just a personal slideshow of vacation photos. 

Short in time and manpower? Magisto can also do the hard work for you—powered by artificial intelligence, it can whip up a slide show, all complete with text, vintage filter, music, effects, and transitions.

Although, it’s not so hard and time-consuming to create a video here. You can choose from any of their pre-designed themes, upload your own photos or videos, and then add any song from their commercially-licensed music library. 

Whether you want to compile your vintage snapshots or if you work in a fast-paced media publishing environment, you can rely on Magisto. 

Download Magisto here.

10. NOMO – Point and Shoot.

app interface of NOMO - point and shoot on iPhone
NOMO – Point and Shoot camera app on iPhone

Requires iOS 10.0 or later

Want something that lets you concentrate on the experience of taking photos? Worry no more, get NOMO! 

With its vintage design and simple features, you can focus more on capturing memories instead of worrying about your post-production duties. It’s perfect for a quick photo walk in the neighborhood or a fun afternoon at a theme park. 

You can also buy different “cameras” on NOMO. And if you finally have the time to edit your photos, you can apply any of their analog camera filters and create a double exposure effect. 

Download NOMO – Point and Shoot here.

Final thoughts

Vintage photos have a special appeal. 

Back then, people knew that film and video technology is limited. So, any wacky videos or stolen photos are laughed off. It felt natural—there was no pressure. 

These days, we are more privileged—we can access an arsenal of photo and video-editing apps. We also feel pressure to post almost flawless photos or videos because of our fear of being judged on social media. 

While technology advancements are not entirely bad, we can’t help miss the simpler times. 

That’s why anytime you feel nostalgic, don’t hesitate to try any of those apps we listed.